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Worldwide Prestigious After Market Transmission Parts Manufacturers

  • BMW and Mercedes Genuine Transmission Overhaul Kit

  • Transmission Overhaul kit

  • Piston Bonded Seal

  • Valve Body Sealing Gasket

  • Torque Converter Wafer

  • Friction Clutch Set

  • Friction Clutch Adjustment Steel Plate

  • Torque Converter Bearing Kit

  • Torque Converter Stator

  • Valve Body Kit

  • Valve Body Testing Equipment

  • Valve Body Bore Reaming Kit and Jig

  • Valve Body Rebuilding Kit

  • Transmission Shift Solenoid

  • Transmission Bearing

Our Own Brand (Remanufactured / Refabricated Parts)

  • Transmission Shift Solenoid (Coil Rewind)

  • Transmission Shaft (Nickel Spray Weld Coated)

  • Transmission Gear (Nickel Spray Weld Coated) 

  • Transmission Control Unit (Remanufactured)

  • Clutch Steel Plate (Precision Laser Cutted)

  • Oversized Valve Body Valves (Wear Compensation)

  • Valve Body Replacement Bore (Babbitt Spray Weld Coated)

  • Customized Bearing

  • Customized Oiless Bushing (Groove or without)

  • Clutch Diaphagram Spring

  • Transmission Synchronize Hub 

  • Friction Lining (Sold in 1mtr x 1mtr Sheet. Cut To Shape Services Available)

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